How To Work With Silver Stain

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Introducing ... Silver Stain: The Glorious Transformation

In this course, you'll learn how to use stain to its full potential

- The liquids you should mix your stain with (not water)

- How to make, store and revive a long-lasting batch: this will save you so much time and money

- How to test your stain, how to test your glass

~ You get demonstrations so you see the process ~

~ Exercises so you master the techniques ~

~ And expert case studies so you learn what stain can really do ~

The case studies include

The Lion of Saint Mark:

How to work with silver stain

The Beastly Lion:

How to work with silver stain


How to work with silver stain

And also ...

The Tycoon's Skylights
Jonah & the Big Fish
The Kingdom of God, and
The Castle

PLUS: email support / Q&A whenever you need it

All lessons (apart from The Castleimmediately available

~ 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee ~

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