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Shading does not have to be slow and worrying like it used to be

Not anymore ...

If the video won't play in your browser, watch it here

Shadow is a new course about painting gorgeous shadows.


Shadow will teach you everything you need to know about using Propylene glycol to make gorgeous stained glass shadows

Shadow is all online - you won't have to plan time away from home, or travel to our studio, or book a hotel and restaurants.

You can watch the videos wherever you are, and whenever suits you best.

And we've organised the course so everything is clear.

Here's The Plan

 Part 1

The 5 brushes you need, what they do, and where to buy the full kit at an incredible price with just one click.

How to mix a lump of glycol, how to store it, how to revive it the next day or a month later, how to revive an ancient lump of glycol.

Then the glycol wash: how you prepare it, how you apply it, how you blend it, how you remove the excess.

The glycol wash is crucial: get it wrong, your shadows will run everywhere. But practise like we show you in part 1, and you'll make gorgeous shadows every time.

So that's part 1: the fundamentals.

Part 2

Part 2 is where you start getting confident with glycol shadows: how to make shadows of all sizes - big, medium and small, specifically:

  • How you prepare the thick, dark paint
  • How you apply it
  • How to blend your shadows and move them around.

Also very important: knowing when to stop. You'll learn to spot the tell-tale signs.

So part 2 is where you get familiar with the whole process.

Part 3

We guide you in a methodical way. So now, after parts 1 and 2, you'll feel comfortable with the brushes and the techniques, which means it's time to start practising with designs.

There are many different kinds of shadows you can make: thick, thin, inside, outside, dark, light, straight, curved - this week and next you'll rehearse them all.

Part 4

Now more kinds of shadows on the same design: yes, this is the way to get confident with the different shadows - you continue with the same design, and learn how to shade it in many different ways. That's how you appreciate the difference.

Part 5

All about highlights: this is such an important topic, we give it the attention it deserves. Glycol has a particular effect on highlights: when you understand this, you can use it to your advantage.

And part 6


Reach for the stars: now we give you 4 stunning case studies which will inspire you to paint gorgeous shadows your own way.

Inside Shadow, you'll receive the full version of this trailer:

You can also watch this trailer over here

The case studies will give you confidence to use glycol in your own way.

For us, your guides, this is the point of the whole adventure: that you become so confident with the paint and brushes, you can chose your own challenges - and solve them.

And that's the course, that's the plan, that's how you'll get confident with making gorgeous shadows.

But please understand this:

Shadow is only available till July 27th

"Why only till July 27th?"

The reason is, we want to concentrate on teaching (not on selling).

Shadow is only available until July 27th because that's when we publish Part 1.

Yes, the course itself begins on July 27th.

Then a new instalment every Thursday till August 31st.

During this time we exclusively look after those of you who joined.

"I'm new to stained glass painting: is Shadow right for me?"

No, not if you're new.

It's important you already feel good working the traditional techniques i.e. the undercoat, copy-tracing, strengthening, flooding, highlights and softened highlights. (Our foundation course Illuminate is excellent for this.)

"What tools, paints and materials will I need?"

You don't need much - e.g. glass paint, various brushes, painting bridge etc. Nothing strange or difficult to find. (Even the glycol you can buy online from Amazon or ebay.)

As soon as you join, you'll find a list inside the course.

If you wish, you can even buy all your brushes from just one supplier: no need to shop around.

"Can I download the videos and watch them off-line?"


Beneath each video, you'll find a download link. Click the link, and the video will start downloading to your computer.

"How long do I have to finish the course?"

As long as you want. There's no hurry. True, we'll publish a new part every Thursday for 6 weeks. But you - you work at your own pace and return whenever you want to check up on something.

"Why are you publishing the instalments week by week over 6 weeks? Why not all at once?"

Because it's like you're with us in the studio.

If you were learning with us in our studio, we wouldn't tell you everything at once: we'd take it one step at a time and make sure you got confident with one brush / one technique before moving on.

Same with Shadow.

There's a lot of training in this course!

You'll learn far more because you'll receive it one part at a time.

"And what's the cost?"

Just US$ 55 plus sales tax if it applies.

This is a one-off payment for the full course - packed with demonstrations, packed with exercises for you to practise on.

It's the first time we're running Shadow - you can join now at this introductory price

Yes, just $55 for the full course


Certainly you can come to our studio and spend 2 days with us to learn the same material: this will cost you $600 for the 1-to-1 tuitition, then there's the cost of travel, accommodation, meals to consider, plus time away from home or work ...

Shadow is excellent value and very convenient when you consider how you can use it and return to it again and again.

"I don't live in the US - can I pay in my own currency?"

Certainly you can.

When you click this link to join, you choose your currency, then proceed.

"What happens when I have a question?"

You can email us and we'll get back to you.

Also, for the first time, we've opened up Q&A sections within specific demonstrations. This way you'll see how we've answered other people's questions.

"Why no testimonials?"

Because this is the first time we're running Shadow.

But just consider what people said about Illuminate, our foundation course:

"I can't even begin to tell you the amount of confidence I've gained from the pair of you!
I feel as though you are right by my side!" (Karen B.)

"I now understand why I am doing what I am am doing, not just mindlessly following along.
I feel confident that I can take what I have learned here and apply it to the type of work I do" (Daniel P.)

"Your videos are terrific, I can see and sense what the mixed paint is supposed to look like and how it should act when you are able to do it correctly" (Francesca B.)

I feel it won't be long till you're so thrilled with what you've learned from Shadow, you'll write and tell us your success.

Anyway, you can buy with absolute peace of mind because your money is under guarantee:

"If I buy today, can I try it and get my money back if it doesn't work for me?"


You have a 60-day money-back guarantee

If you want your money back, just email us within 60 days - that's more than enough time to experience the full course and make sure it works for you.

Course Schedule

Enrolment: July 13th - July 27th.

On July 28th enrolment closes and Shadow won't be for sale.

Part 1: July 27th
Part 2: August 3rd
Part 3: August 10th
Part 4: August 17th
Part 5: August 24th
Part 6: August 31st


"What happens if I'm away some weeks?"

It's not a problem.

The videos will be waiting for you when you return. Your lessons will never disappear. You can start where you left off, and work at your own pace.

If the video won't play in your browser, click here to watch it in a new tab

Join Shadow now. Just US$ 55 plus sales tax for all 6 Parts

You have a 60-day money-back guarantee

Part 1 appears 27th July


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