How To Mix, Test, Store & Revive Your Glass Paint

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This is the true story of how my first teacher showed me how to mix my paint.

Take glass like this for the palette

And a knife like this

Now measure a small quantity of tracing black

And place it on the palette

Sprinkle it with gum Arabic powder


Add water

Mix again ...

... until the paint is smooth

Now take a glass painter's tracing brush like this

Load it

But all of this is bad advice
so try not to cuss when things go wrong

Now me - I'm a respectful and obedient student.

Therefore I believed this nonsense for one whole year - a year! - of evening classes.

I did what my teacher said.

And she did what the books said.


All of it wrong.

And so that year I didn’t learn to trace or shade.

I blamed myself when I should have found a better recipe.

That's natural for a beginner: you think it's you, you take the blame.

But then I joined a studio as apprentice.

There I got to see paint I really needed:

There I learned a better way to mix my paint.

In fact I learned I had a choice:

Either I control the paint.

Or the paint controls me.

You won’t be surprised to learn which path I chose.

That's how my tracing improved each day.

My shading too.

No more fights with my paint - I was in charge.

I mixed the paint the way I liked it.

And then the paint did what I asked it to.

So here’s the problem: most books are full of rubbish about how to mix your paint.

Well-intended rubbish.

But rubbish all the same.

This rubbish costs you time and money.

And it’s frustrating - it eats your confidence.

That’s why we filmed a course on how we do it here:

How To Mix A Perfect Lump Of Glass Paint

We'll show you everything you need to know:

You’ll learn how to mix a small lump of paint and get comfortable with the technique

We'll show you the ingredients, the proportions, the exact recipe we use.

It only takes 10 minutes to mix a perfect lump of glass paint.

But these 10 minutes will change the way you trace and shade forever.

And in case you're wondering how you know you've mixed the paint the way it needs to be, we've also got that covered.

You'll learn how to test your paint

Testing is important, because testing gives you confidence.

Then you can focus calmly on the work in front of you.

Later, when you finish working for the day, wouldn't it be nice if you leave everything a particular way so that, when you next paint, you can start as soon as possible?

So you'll learn how to leave your paint

But what happens when you want to paint next time?

What do you need to do before you start?

In this course you'll discover how to revive your paint next time you use it

You'll see the consistency you should aim for,
because this consistency is what will give you lovely paint for tracing and shading

And it happens to all of us - sometimes the paint dries out completely. Don't worry though: it's not a problem.

You'll learn how to revive a rock-hard lump of glass paint

And as soon as you're confident:

You'll learn how to save time and mix a BIG lump of glass paint that'll last you several weeks or even months

"What's the cost?"

US $15.

$15 so you see exactly how to mix, test, store and revive your glass paint.

A once-in-a-lifetime investment in yourself which leaves you free to focus calmly on you painting (because you know your paint is right):

Stained glass tracing

Thank you x 100!!! This course on mixing the perfect lump of paint is invaluable! (Teresa D.) 

"Do I have a guarantee?"

Of course.

You have a 60-day money-back no-quibble guarantee.

If you want your money back, just email us within 60 days.

We'll return your payment straight away, no reasons asked.

I've watched & read this course several times, and I seem to learn more with each viewing. Using the information in the course, I mixed a lump several days ago, let it sit overnight and then began a most pleasant day of painting.

Over the years, my flooding was somewhat uncertain and often blistering. But thanks to you, I now realize I just wasn't recharging my brush often enough, so the distribution of gum and paint was uneven. The three test pieces I did this week came out smooth and well fired.

Your attention to one of the most basic, fundamental and perhaps most misunderstood skills, mixing paint, is certainly appreciated and will raise the level of any craftsman who takes the information and applies it in an inquisitive, bold and thoughtful manner.

Suffice it to say, you've done a great job! (Tom M.)

“Are these videos like I can watch on YouTube?"

I'm glad you mentioned that.

In fact we use 3 cameras.

One left, one right, and one above.

That way we can always draw your attention to what you need to see.

So no. Nothing like you watch on YouTube.

"How much time will I need to finish this course?"

About 3 hours.

Just 3 hours and we show you skills you'll never learn from books.

And at the end you'll have a lovely lump of paint yourself: mix great paint to start with, then you'll really make progress with your tracing and shading -

"Can I download the videos?"

Certainly you can.

"How long do I have access to this course?"

For as long as the Internet exists.

"What happens when I have a question?"

Just send us an email, and we'll write back. That's all included.

When you consider you have a 60-day money-back guarantee, I hope you’ll see it’s not a risk to buy this course.

You can learn it in a morning
then take 59 1/2 days to confirm it's excellent advice

You see, when you learn to mix great paint, you’ll find it so much easier to trace and shade the way you want to.

For your own good, and at no risk to your bank balance, I hope you take this course.

The paint controls you.

Or you control the paint.

So please: control the paint.

We'd love to show you how it's done.

“What do I do next?"

It's easy:

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You’ll find the videos and lessons all in front of you.



P.S. When you mix great glass paint the way you'll learn, I promise you'll love tracing and shading like never before.

That's why I hope you:

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