Illuminate - a foundation course in stained glass painting
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Learn the key techniques of stained glass painting:

If you've been wanting to learn stained glass painting: maybe there's no class near you, or maybe there is one but you just can't get answers to things which go wrong each time you try.

Or maybe you painted glass a while back and now you want a way to get back into it.

Then Illuminate could be what you're looking for.

Illuminate is a foundation course where you'll learn the key techniques of traditional stained glass painting.

It's online - so you can learn from anywhere you have the internet:

  • It starts Tuesday 6th June
  • It lasts 8 weeks
  • Each weekly lesson - watch it anytime - develops a different skill

By August, you'll know how to matt, trace, strengthen, flood and highlight - these are the key techniques you see each time you look at painted glass inside a church.

Who's this course for?

Illuminate is for you if:

  • You're new or fairly new to glass painting,


  • It's been a while since you painted regularly and now you want a proven framework to help you revise the key techniques.

That's who Illuminate is for.

And no one else.

No one.

Inside Illuminate, you'll experience the same sequence of techniques as if you booked travel and accommodation and took a 1-to-1 foundation course with us here in England.

The exact same sequence.

  1. ...
  2. ...
  3. ...

And our way works, it really does: we've tested it to destruction these last 14 years.

It's not the sequence you read in books or get in other classes, which always starts with tracing - exactly the wrong place to start ...

Starting with tracing is like teaching someone to drive by taking them on a motorway or freeway the first day: that's not the way you do it.

No: with us you learn things in a different order and we guarantee it'll make a world of difference.

"The videos and the commentary are so well done. They're like having a perpetual reference library. The course is wonderful and all that I had hoped for" (James M.)

What you'll learn:

Module #1 (June 6th) is all about the undercoat (or matt)

- What is an undercoat? -
- 10 benefits, and the only one which really matters -
- Case study: undercoat the Coronation Lion -
- Demonstration: how to undercoat on the light box -
- Demonstration: how to mix a perfect undercoat and how to tidy up -
- The best way to hold and use these tools: hake brush, badger blender and bridge -
- Demonstration: how to undercoat on glass -
- Demonstration: introduction to highlights and softened highlights -
- Case study: Jonah and the Whale -
- 8 key points -
- Case study: the Beastly Lion skylight -

"I'd been wishing for quite a while to "upgrade" from Tiffany-style stained glass pieces (very nice though) to the more classical and immortal work of real painted glass, with kiln, colouring, "grisailles" and all the rest.

But I didn't know how to start, what materials and tools to use, or how to go about learning.

This opportunity is now at hand with this very professional course, where one can learn the trade, step-by-step, with these two wonderful masters who not only know it well but can also teach it artfully" (Luis M.)

Module #2 (June 13th) is all about flooding

- What is flooding? -
- Demonstration: flooding on the light box -
- Demonstration: how to mix great flooding paint -
- How to hold your bridge when flooding -
- Where to hold your tracing brush when loading vs. where to hold it when you paint with it -
- Demonstration: the rhythm and pace of flooding -
- How to tidy up -
- 10 key points -
Demonstration: flooding on glass -
- Demonstration: highlights through flooding -
- 4 points about firing flooded paint -
- Case study: lettering and flooding -

"What happens if I'm away some weeks?"

It's not a problem.

The modules will be waiting for you when you return.

Your lessons will never disappear.

You can start where you left off, and work at your own pace.

Module #3 (June 20th) is your 1st design

- Undercoating and flooding a design -
- Highlighting a design -
- How to use your hake for flooding -
- How to mark highlights using chalk and tracing paper -
- Workbook with 12 designs -
- The importance of tests and how to do them -

Module #4 (June 27th) is all about tracing

- Tracing on the light box to gain fluency -
- How to mix tracing paint from undercoating paint -
- How to mix tracing paint from flooding paint -
- Two ways to load your brush: the spiral and the flick -
- How to hold your brush when tracing vs. how to hold it when loading it with paint
- How to use your hake to revive your tracing paint -
- How to tidy up after tracing -
- How to cure watermarks and halos around trace lines -
- How to trace on glass -
- How to highlight around trace lines -

Module #5 (July 4th) is your 2nd design using undercoat, tracing, flooding and highlights

- Case study: tracing the Coronation Lion -
- Demonstration of the 2nd design -
- Video: planning how to trace your lines -
- Case study: painting an inscription -
- Case study: highlighting the Beastly Lion -

Module #6 (July 11th) is all about strengthening and re-shaping your trace lines

- Why strengthening is helpful and the big problem it solves -
- Key points about strengthening -
- Demonstration: strengthening on the light box -
- Case study: strengthening the Tawny Owl -
- Case Study: highlighting The Green Man -
- Demonstration: strengthening on glass -

"I would like to thank you for these amazing lessons.

I am 74 and only 4 years ago did I discover I had the gift of making leaded windows. Subsequently a local church requested I produce 15 large windows on the life of St Paul. Several require painting.

So it is truly fantastic that I have found your brilliant online classes. Thank YOU."(Anthony P.)

Module #7 (July 18th) is your 3rd design using undercoat, tracing, strengthening and highlights

- Case study: tracing The Tycoon's Dragon -
- Demonstration: the 3rd design, the Medieval Moth -
- Workbook with 16 designs -

Module #8 (July 25th) is your 4th design using everything you've learned so far
i.e. the undercoat, tracing, flooding & strengthening, and highlights

- Walkthrough of the 4th design -
- Demonstration of how to paint and highlight the 4th design -
- All about highlights and how to soften them -
- Demonstration: how to move swiftly between different consistencies of paint -

No worries if you're away when a new module is published: your videos will be waiting for you whenever you log on.

You can watch / re-watch the videos any time you want.

Any time.

The lessons are yours forever.

This means you can use Illuminate in these two ways:

  1. Week-by-week as the course progresses; and
  2. You can return to particular modules whenever you want to revise a specific technique.

"You have beautifully demonstrated a very complex and delicate process which ends in lovely results (hopefully). Like the pieces of a puzzle, the separate steps are all connected. This course really helped me to see how important each one is.

Wonderfully informative: thank you!" (Babs T.)

"What level will I reach by the end of this course?"

This is the glass you'll paint and highlight in module #8:

Illuminate: an online foundation course for the key techniques of kiln-fired stained glass painting

This is where you'll get to when you take this course, Illuminate

N.B. We start at the beginning.
This is a foundation course.
It is for you if you're new or fairly new to glass painting,
you want a step-by-step refresher course

"How do you teach this course?"

ONE: Sometimes we use words and photos e.g. where we summarise a process or a recipe.

TWO Most points we demonstrate with videos.

Lots of videos.

With spoken commentary so you know what's important.

And the same thing seen from different heights and angles so it's like you're with us in our studio.

THREE: We answer questions and give you feedback throughout the course: we're as involved as you wish us to be. Some people like to talk things through; others prefer to work alone - it's up to you.

“Are these videos like I can watch on YouTube?"

No, because we use 3 cameras.

One left, one right, and one in front / above.

3 cameras: that's how we draw your attention to what you need to see.

So no, these videos are nothing like you watch on YouTube.

"I love the in-depth videos.

After 45 years I have learned more from these two online courses than in the last 20. Your questioning attitude and dedication to the craft are a true inspiration. Many thanks" (Tom N.)

"Can I download the videos and watch them off-line?"


Beneath each video, you'll find a download link.

Click the link, and the video will start downloading to your computer.

"How long do I have access to this course?"

For as long as the internet exists.

"What tools, paints and materials do I need?"

You don't need much - e.g. paint, badger blender, tracing brush, painting bridge etc. Nothing strange or difficult to find.

As soon as you join, you'll find a list inside the course.

"Why are you publishing the modules week by week? Why not all at once?"

This is because we're giving you a lot of training here.

It's not like Game of Thrones, Mad Men or Dexter: binge-watching just won't work.

It's important you have time to absorb new information before we send you more.

"What happens when you add new videos and lessons?"

Say you ask a question and we make a video to answer it.

Then we'll post this new video inside the course.

When this happens, you'll never pay extra for all the new material we'll add to this course.

The price you pay today includes everything we add later.

"Do I need to practise?"


Each week we demonstrate two essential exercises: you will need to practise these.

Two exercises per module.

We also provide extra designs for anyone who wants more or for later when you want a new challenge.

"I am a novice to this art form, and I'm happy I decided to join Illuminate, because starting out with basics and lots of practice is the best way to learn and hone your skills. Before Illuminate, I took "How to mix a perfect lump of paint " and found it invaluable: I wanted more! Williams & Byrne are thorough and positive. And they have the skill to present and instruct the newcomer to get better with practice and perseverance" (Jill M.)

"How much do I pay for 8 weeks of training?"

Just $65 for all 8 modules. Illuminate is a complete, step-by-step foundation course. Packed with demonstrations. Packed with exercises and designs for you to practise on. PLUS, whenever you have a question, just email us and we'll reply and help. That's the point - we'll work together.

Full Q&A included

Please note: enrolment is only open between May 16th and June 5th.

Of course, you can certainly book time to train with us in person:

  1. Your travel costs: $200 - $750.
  2. Two days' tuition in the studio: $500.
  3. Three night's accommodation and meals: $200 - $300.

But $900 to $1,550 won't work for many people. (Plus this year and next, we have such a quantity of work to get through here.)

At just US $65, Illuminate is great value.

It's also convenient:

You can watch it when you want.

You can watch it again and again.

And you can practise whenever it fits it in with your own schedule.


  1. Watch the videos as often as you like and download the designs whenever you want.
  2. Get email support whenever you have questions.
  3. Buy with complete peace of mind - in fact, let's talk about that right now:

"What happens if I buy Illuminate then decide it's not for me?"

You have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you want your money back, just email us within 60 days.

This means you can use the course and make sure it works for you.

"Thanks for the beautiful and good explanation of your lessons! We use no undercoating yet, and this technique is very interesting. Interesting is also that I can translate the text into Dutch!" (Bertin D.)

"Why do you close enrolment on June 5th?"

Because we'll focus on our students. They deserve our full attention.

Get ready to Illuminate

Mid-year enrolment is only open from May 16th till June 5th. (After that the course is not for sale till end of year.)

The course begins June 6th. (No late-comers.)

You have a 60-day money-back guarantee

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