The Illuminate Foundation Course

Illuminate - a foundation course in stained glass painting
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The Illuminate Foundation Course begins Tuesday 16th January 2018

"I can't begin to tell you the amount of confidence I've gained from the pair of you. Illuminate is brilliant!" (Karen B.)

Stained glass is so beautiful.

And it can be difficult to learn:

  1. Books don't show you what to do
  2. Good teachers are as rare as gold dust
  3. Then there's the paint which keeps on drying out
  4. And the challenge of learning new brushes and strange tools - the bridge for instance:

Stained glass painting bridge

Yes, we agree - it can be difficult to learn.

Especially if you work alone.

That's why we prepared this course - we will work together with you so that, just 8 weeks from now, you can learn the skills to paint this image here:

Illuminate: an online foundation course for the key techniques of kiln-fired stained glass painting

It's true.

We know, because inside Illuminate we've already accompanied several hundred students to this achievement.

By the end of this course, this can be you painting the same lovely cockerel:

And if you're wondering how you'll get there, the answer is - one step at a time.

One well-planned step at a time: if you'll let us be your guide, we'll show you the best way.

Q: How will you learn to paint stained glass?

A: One brush at a time.

So in this course you'll start from the very beginning.

You'll start with how you use a hake brush to apply a light layer of paint, then how you use a badger blender to make it smooth:

And step by step, week by week, we'll give you different exercises which build your skill and confidence.

That's how you'll arrive here, cutting highlights like a professional by the end of the course:

Yes, if you want to learn to paint stained glass:

There is an answer.

We've taught glass painting for 14 years now.

We've worked face-to-face with students from all over the world.

We've figured out a method which really works and BUILDS YOUR SKILL:


Illuminate is a foundation course in stained glass painting:

  • It's for those of you who are new or fairly new to glass painting
  • It's for anyone who learned to paint a while back, and now you want a reliable method to revise the key techniques.

And the whole course is online - you can learn from anywhere you have internet.

We teach it twice a year:

January 16th - March 6th
July 3rd - August 21st

The course lasts 8 weeks

Each weekly lesson - watch it anytime - develops different skills.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to matt, trace, strengthen, flood and highlight - these are the remarkable and beautiful techniques you see each time you look at painted glass inside a church:

Inside Illuminate, you'll learn to do all this:

  1. The undercoat is nearly everywhere: it controls the light which passes through the glass and hides whatever lies behind.
  2. Trace-lines and strengthened lines give you the detail of the face for instance.
  3. You see flooding around the rope to create the outline of St. Francis' belt.
  4. Highlights e.g. on the clothing and hair. Also on the background.

"The course is wonderful and everything I hoped for" (James M.)

"What's the cost?"

For the full 8 weeks of training, the cost is $75 (plus sales tax if it applies where you live)

This is a one-off payment for the full foundation course which will take you from beginner to skills like this:

These can be your skills just 8 weeks from now - when you join and work with us today.

And please know this:

Whenever you have a question, you email us and we'll reply.

That's the point - we'll work together.

This is why we only teach this course twice a year.

At this stage of learning, you'll have a lot of questions. So we make sure we have the time to tell you what you want to know and work with you individually.

Get the full 8 weeks of training

The Illuminate Foundation Course begins Tuesday 16th January 2018

"I am a novice to this art form and I'm happy I decided to join Illuminate because starting out with the basics and with lots of practice is the best way to learn and improve your skills" (Jill M.)

N.B. We start at the beginning:
this is a foundation course, an 8-week apprenticeship, you get lots of chance to practise the techniques you see us demonstrate

Glass Painting 101

This course is for you if you're new or fairly new to glass painting
you want a step-by-step refresher course

"How do you teach this course?"

Most techniques we demonstrate with videos

  • Lots of videos
  • With spoken commentary so you know what's important
  • And we film the same scene from different heights and different angles so it's like you're with us in our studio.

We also answer questions and give you feedback throughout the course.

We're as involved as you wish us to be. Some people like to talk things through; others prefer to work alone - it's up to you.

"Best of all for me is how fast and how patiently you get back to me via email and resolve my problems - an online course could easily be impersonal, but you make sure it is not!" (Louise N.)

“Are these videos like the free demos I can watch on YouTube?"

No, because we use 3 cameras.

One left, one right, and one in front / above.

3 cameras: that's how we draw your attention to what you need to see.

These videos are very different from anything you watch on YouTube.

"Can I see a sample lesson?"


Here's 1 of the 10 videos you'll receive in week #5.

But please don't expect blockbuster excitement from this video.

Excitement is not the point.

The point is: what you will achieve by following this course.

This video is about flooding - the darkest paint of all. And please remember, it is from week #5:

(Full screen: click icon bottom-right)

"After 45 years in the craft, I learned more from your course than in the last 20" (Tom N.)

"Can I download the videos and watch them off-line?"


Beneath each video, you'll find a download link.

Click the link, and the video will start downloading to your computer.

For example, here are the links we provide for the video you saw above:

Download this video in high definition (1920 x 1080) | standard definition (960 x 540)

Click one and try it out.

"Do I have access to the videos after the course has finished"


For as long as you want.

"What tools, paints and materials do I need?"

You don't need much - e.g. paint, badger blender, tracing brush, painting bridge etc. Nothing strange or difficult to find.

Join today and you'll find a list inside the course.

The Illuminate Foundation Course begins Tuesday 16th January 2018

"How long do I have to finish the course?"

As long as you want.

There's no hurry.

You work at your own pace and return whenever you want to check up on something.

"Why are you publishing the modules week by week? Why not all at once?"

This is because we're giving you a lot of training here.

It's important you have time to absorb new information before we send you more.

"What happens when you add new videos and lessons?"

Say you ask a question and we make a video to answer it.

Then we'll post this new video inside the course.

When this happens, you'll never pay extra for all the new material we'll add to this course.

The price you pay today includes everything we add later.

"Every time I come up with a question about some small detail you seem to hear it flying through the air and give me the answer ...

... I also appreciate the fact I can take my time or go straight through the lessons for a quick overview and then go back and review them as slowly as I need to get a full understanding" (De S.)

"Remind me what the cost is ..."

$75 for the full 8 weeks of lessons

This is a one-off payment for the full foundation course - packed with demonstrations, packed with exercises and designs for you to practise on.

PLUS, whenever you have a question, you email us and we reply.

That's the point - we'll work together:

Full Q&A included

Of course, you can certainly book time to learn with us in person. Your travel costs will be $200 - $750. Two days' tuition in the studio costs $550. Three night's accommodation and meals will be $200 - $300.

That's $900 to $1,550 to learn with us here in person. This just can't work for many people.

At US $75, Illuminate is great value.

And it's convenient:

You can watch it when you want.

You can watch it again and again.

And you can practise whenever it fits it in with your own schedule.


  1. Watch the videos as often as you like and download the designs whenever you want.
  2. Get email support whenever you have questions.
  3. Buy with complete peace of mind - in fact, let's talk about that right now:

"Can I see how it works then change my mind and get my money back?"


You have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you want your money back, just email us within 60 days.

This means you can use the course and make sure it works for you.

"Thanks for the beautiful and good explanation of your lessons! (I can even translate the text into Dutch!)" (Bertin D.)

"I'll be the first to enrol in any other course you offer" (Viv R.)

No worries if you're away when a new module is published: your videos will be waiting for you whenever you log on.

You can watch / re-watch the videos any time you want.

Any time.

The lessons are yours forever.

This means you can use Illuminate in these two ways:

  1. Week-by-week as the course progresses, and
  2. You can return to particular modules whenever you want to revise a specific technique.

"You have beautifully demonstrated a very complex and delicate process which ends in lovely results - wonderfully informative: thank you!" (Babs T.)

Get ready to Illuminate:

The next course begins January 16th.

You have a 60-day money-back guarantee

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