How To Paint Stained Glass: The “Illuminate” Foundation Course

How to paint stained glass
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"I can't begin to tell you the amount of confidence I've gained from you. This course is brilliant!" (Karen B.)

Stained glass is beautiful.

But learning how to paint stained glass is hard:

  1. Books don't show you what to do
  2. Good teachers are rare
  3. Then there's the paint (which is unlike anything else you'll ever work with) and the whole problem of getting used to new brushes and strange tools - the bridge for instance ...

Stained glass painting bridge

So it's difficult to learn.

Especially if you work alone.

But we promise you right now:

It's rewarding.

The time it takes is worth it.

Yes, if you want to learn to paint stained glass:

There is an answer.

"After 45 years in the craft, I learned more from your course than in the last 20" (Tom N.)

We've taught for 14 years now - worked face-to-face with students from all over the world. And we've figured out a method which really works and BUILDS YOUR SKILL:


Illuminate is a foundation course in stained glass painting:

  • It's for those of you who are new or fairly new to glass painting
  • It's for anyone who learned to paint a while back, and now you want a reliable method to revise the key techniques.

And the whole course is online - you can learn from anywhere you have internet.

  • It lasts 8 weeks
  • Each weekly lesson - watch it anytime - develops different skills.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to matt, trace, strengthen, flood and highlight - these are the remarkable and beautiful techniques you see each time you look at painted glass inside a church:

Inside Illuminate, you'll learn to do all this:

The matt is nearly everywhere: it controls the light which passes through the glass and hides whatever lies behind.
Trace-lines and strengthened lines give you the detail of the face for instance.
You see flooding around the rope to create the outline of St. Francis' belt.
Highlights e.g. on the clothing and hair. Also on the background.

"The course is wonderful and everything I hoped for" (James M.)

"How do you teach this course?"

We demonstrate with videos:

  • Lots of videos
  • With spoken commentary so you know what's important
  • And we film the same scene from different heights and different angles so it's like you're with us in our studio.

We also answer questions and give you feedback throughout the course: we're as involved as you wish us to be. (Some people like to talk things through; others prefer to work alone - it's up to you.)

"And the cost?"

It's not a give-away. How could it be? - We give you our time when you ask for it throughout the course:

  • 8 weeks of lessons and videos which are yours to keep long after term finishes
  • Designs
  • On-demand Q&A

The price: US$75

You can buy with peace of mind: you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you want to join us when we teach it in April 2018:

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