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This course contains everything you need to know about how to mix a perfect lump of glass paint: the method, ingredients and tools | how to test your paint | how to store it | and how to bring it back to life if it dries out. When you start with well-mixed paint, you'll find so much easier to succeed. Click the buy now button or learn more here.

A foundation course where you learn the key techniques of kiln-fired stained glass painting - the undercoat, tracing, strengthening, flooding and how to highlight. We run it twice a year. If you want us to email you next time enrolment opens, continue reading.

This course is for you who are confident with the key techniques inside the Illuminate Foundation Course and who now want to paint gorgeous shadows. We run it twice a year. We can email you next time it opens, see here.

A step-by-step workbook for a hand-sized version of The Beastly Lion, including designs. Click the buy now button or learn more here.